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Fin Fun Monofin Blue Trim


Propel your mermaid self through the water with ease wearing Fin Fun’s original patented Monofin with stylish Blue Trim, available in two sizes! 

  • Available in Jr. or Pro Sizes
  • Monofin Jr. Fits Child Shoe Size 11 – 7
  • Monofin Pro Fits Women’s Shoe Size 4 –10
  • Monofin Pro Fits Men’s Shoe Size 6 – 10
  • Dive-Grade Neoprene Cover
  • Polypropylene Insert with Lifetime Warranty Against Breakage

Size Chart

  • EU (cm)
  • US (in)
Blue Trim Monofin
Monofin Jr.
Youth Shoe Sizes
EU 27.5-39
UK 10.5-6
US 11-7
*Fits Fin Fun Tail Skin Sizes Youth 6-10
Monofin Pro
Women's Shoe Sizes
EU 35-41
UK 2-8
US 4-10
Men's Shoe Sizes
EU 39-43
UK 5.5-9.5
US 6-10
*Fits Fin Fun Tail Skin Sizes Youth 12-Adult XL
Advanced Monofin Pro
Women's Shoe Sizes
EU 35-41
UK 2-8
US 4-10
Men's Shoe Sizes
EU 39-41
UK 5.5-7.5
US 6-8
*Fits Fin Fun Tail Skin Sizes Youth 12-Adult XL
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Experience a new level of mermaid power gliding through the water in Fin Fun’s unique monofin designed for maximum comfort and safety! Our exclusive design accommodates most foot sizes and features a soft neoprene cover that encases a lightweight polypropylene insert for a natural fit. Stretchable foot-pocket design allows for easy, hands-free removal of the monofin even in water. Our durable monofin includes a lifetime insert warranty.Learn More

Monofin Infographic

Fin Fun’s Blue Trim Monofin offers a streamlined, yet stylish look with bright blue accent stitching and the same ultra-comfortable design as our traditional monofin but with colorful flair! High-quality neoprene encases our advanced, flexible, and strong polypropylene insert while a second layer of neoprene reinforces the heel piece and tips for a more durable monofin. A stronger monofin helps keep your mermaid tail secure and may help prevent wear on your mermaid tail. Our innovative design holds your feet comfortably without pinching, chafing, or straps. This monofin may also be used without a mermaid tail to swim in a fast and exciting “dolphin kick” motion. We believe our Fin Fun Monofins are the safest and most comfortable on the market!

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